News IGIS Student Wins FICS Award

IGIS Student Wins FICS Award



Grand Finale & Prize Distribution Ceremony of Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society (FICS 2022), a platform to foster social entrepreneurship, was held at NUST on 28th July 2022 Thursday. This year 5 countries participated in this grand competition. The overall winner of FICS ’22, organized by the Innovation & Commercialization Office, was Team “Mine Information Modelling (MIM)” from Institute of Geographical Systems (IGIS), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). The team emerged victorious from amongst 395 project ideas pitched during the 3-stage competition. The winning project revolves around integrated BIM-GIS application that can be effectively used for asset/utilities management, having detailed and intelligent design incorporating various aspects of an asset. The winning team was awarded a cash prize of PKR 250,000/-. It is pertinent to mention that this topic was from their final year development project titled “BIM-GIS integrated framework of Khewra Salt Mine Asset Management incorporating First Person Perspective movement” which was also awarded with Best Industrial Project during SCEE Open House 2022.

The FICS ’22 winning project titled “MINE INFORMATION MODELLING” is based on the integration of BIM and GIS for the assets management and immersive virtual tours of Mines. A prototype Information model of tourist region of Khewra mine was developed using BIM concepts and tools. The model was further developed and rendered using game developing software for first person perspective (FPP) movement. The 3D model of Tourist area of Khewra Salt Mine (2nd Largest Salt mine in the world) is first and only 3D model. To consider the underground spatial structure surrounding the mine, 3D geological model was generated using python. A web-GIS based dashboard was created to show boreholes data, geological model, different reports related to Mine, virtual tour video. This dashboard can be used by stakeholders for different perspectives as mentioned previously. The good thing about this idea was that it is equally capable to be implemented for any kind of infrastructure.