Faculty Muhammad Azmat

Dr. Muhammad Azmat

HOD Geographical Information Systems & Remote Sensing
  • azmat@igis.nust.edu.pk
  • Doctoral

Academic Background
ENGINEERING FOR NATURAL AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT (WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING) Doctoral Polytechnic Institute of Turin February 12, 2015 - February 27, 2015
MS (WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT) Masters University of Engineering and Technology Lahore November 12, 2008 - November 16, 2011
BE Agricultural Engineering (AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING) Bachelor University of Agriculture Faisalabad November 01, 2004 - November 01, 2008
Honours and Awards
Post Doc scholarship Swiss Govt grant Post Doc scholarship under "Swiss Govt Excellence Scholarship" September 01, 2017
HEC PhD Scholarship HEC grant me fully funded PhD scholarship December 03, 2012
Impacts of climate change on wheat phenology and yield in Indus Basin, Pakistan October 10, 2021 Muhammad Azmat, Fatima Ilyas, Afia Sarwar, Christain Huggel, Saeid Ashraf Vaghefi, Tao Hui, Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Muhammad Bilal, Zeeshan Ahmed Science of the Total Environment - Volume 790, Article Number 148221
Flood Hazard Assessment for the Tori Levee Breach of the Indus River Basin, Pakistan February 25, 2021 Babar Naeem, Muhammad Azmat, Hui Tao, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Umar Khattak, Sajjad Haider, Sajjad Ahmad, Zarif Khero, Christopher R. Goodell WATER - https://www.mdpi.com/journal/water
Trends of Aerosol Optical Thickness Using VIIRS S-NPP During Fog Episodes in Pakistan and India February 11, 2021 Muhammad Umar, Salman Atif, Mark L. Hildebrandt, Ali Tahir, Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Zeeshan Atmosphere - Volume 12(2), Article Number 242
Landfill site selection by integrating fuzzy logic, AHP, and WLC method based on multi-criteria decision analysis January 06, 2021 Riaz Zarin, Muhammad Azmat, Salman Raza Naqvi, Qaisar Saddique, Saif Ullah Environmental Science and Pollution Research - Pages 1-16
Deficit irrigation improves maize yield and water use efficiency in a semi-arid environment January 01, 2021 Zou Yufeng, Qaisar Saddique, Ali Ajaz, Xu Jiatun, Muhammad Imran Khan, Qing Mu, Muhammad Azmat, Huanjie Cai, Kadambot H.M. Siddique Agricultural Water Management - Volume 243, Article Number 106483
Analyzing the Performance and Application of CERES-Wheat and APSIM in the Guanzhong Plain, China December 25, 2020 Qaisar Saddique, Yufeng Zou, Ali Ajaz, Jianmei Ji, Jiatun Xu, Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Habib ur Rahman, Jianqiang He, Huanjie Cai Transactions of the ASABE - Volume 63(6), Pages 1879-1893
Climatic and hydrological projections to changing climate under CORDEX-South Asia experiments over the Karakoram-Hindukush-Himalayan water towers February 10, 2020 Muhammad Azmat, Abdul Waheed, Aasia Wahab, Christian Hugge, Muhammad Uzair Qamar , Ejaz Hussain, Shakil Ahmad Science of the Total Environment - Volume 703, Article Number 135010
Pitfalls in transboundary Indus Water Treaty: a perspective to prevent unattended threats to the global security November 05, 2019 Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Muhammad Azmat , Pierluigi Claps NPJ Clean Water - Volume 2, Article number: 22
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Water Pricing and Implementation Strategies for the Sustainability of an Irrigation System: A Case Study within the Command Area of the Rakh Branch Canal April 19, 2018 Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Muhammad Azmat, Azhar Abbas, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Adnan Shahid, Zahid Mahmood Khan Water -
Ensembling Downscaling Techniques and Multiple GCMs to Improve Climate Change Predictions in Cryosphere Scarcely-Gauged Catchment April 09, 2018 Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Adnan Shahid, Ejaz Hussain, Sajjad Ahmad, Rao Arsalan Khushnood Water Resources Management - Volume 32, Pages 3155–3174
Optimizing Irrigation Deficit of Multipurpose Cascade Reservoirs March 01, 2018 Muhammad Usman Rashid, Abid Latif, Muhammad Azmat Water Resources Management -
Regional Groundwater Quality Management through Hydrogeological Modeling in LCC, West Faisalabad, Pakistan October 19, 2017 Aamir Shakoor, Zahid Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Arshad, Hafiz Umar Farid, Muhammad Sultan, Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Adnan Shahid, Zafar Hussain Journal of Chemistry - Article Number: 2041648
Application of HEC-HMS for the event and continuous simulation in highaltitude July 01, 2017 Muhammad Azmat, M.U. Qamar, S. Ahmed, Ejaz Hussain, M. Umair European Water - Vol.57, Pages 77-84
Rainfall Extremes: a Novel Modeling Approach for Regionalization April 01, 2017 Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Adnan Shahid, Daniele Ganora, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Jehanzeb Masud Cheema, Muhammad Abrar Faiz, Abid Sarwar Water Resources Management - Volume 31, Issue 6, Pages 1975-1994
Impacts of changing climate and snow cover on the flow regime of Jhelum River, Western Himalayas March 01, 2017 Muhammad Azmat, Umar Waqas Liaqat, Muhammad Uzair Qamar, Usman Khalid Awan Regional Environmental Change - Volume 17, Issue 3, Pages 813-825
Model swapping: A comparative performance signature for the prediction of flow duration curves in ungauged basins October 11, 2016 Muhammad UzairQamar, Muhammad Azmat, Muhammad Jehanzeb Masud Cheema, Muhammad Adnan Shahid , Rao Arsalan Khushnood, Sajjad Ahmad Journal of Hydrology - Volume 541, Pages 1030-1041
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Estimation of Water Resources Availability and Mini-Hydro Productivity in High-Altitude Scarcely-Gauged Watershed November 01, 2015 Muhammad Azmat, Francesco Laio, Davide Poggi Water Resources Management - Volume: 29, Issue: 14, Pages: 5037-5054
Genetic algorithm based optimization of multipurpose cascade reservoirs for sustainable economic growth June 25, 2019 - June 29, 2019 Muhammad Usman Rashid, Muhammad Azmat, F. Raees 11th World Congress on Water Resources and Environment (EWRA 2019) - Spain
Application of HEC-HMS for the event and continuous simulation in high-altitude scarcely-gauged catchment under changing climate July 05, 2017 - July 09, 2017 M. Azmat, M.U. Qamar, S. Ahmed, E. Hussain, M. Umair 10th World Congress of EWRA ‘Panta Rhei’ - Greece
Professional Experience:
Junior Engr AAB (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad March 01, 2011 - February 01, 2012
Supvervisor AAB (Pvt) Ltd, Islamabad February 01, 2010 - July 01, 2010