Faculty Javed Iqbal


HOD Geographical Information Systems & Remote Sensing
  • javed@igis.nust.edu.pk
  • Doctoral

Dr. Javed Iqbal is working as a professor and head of Department at IGIS-NUST since July 2009.

Academic Background
PhD (Agronomy-Soil Science) Doctoral Mississippi State University May 01, 1996 - December 01, 2000
MS (GENERAL AGRICULTURE) Masters University of Arkansas at Fayetteville May 24, 1992 - August 24, 1994
(Soil Science) Masters The University of Agriculture, Peshawar - June 01, 1989
BSc(Hons) (SOIL SCIENCE, THE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, PESHAWAR-PAKISTAN) Bachelor The University of Agriculture, Peshawar August 24, 1983 - August 24, 1987
Teraching and research Asst Prof COMSATS August 24, 2008 - July 24, 2009.
Remote sensing and GIS application in natural resources management Research Associate Agricultural & Biological Engineering (ABE) Department at Mississippi State University (MSU) January 01, 2001 - May 04, 2005.
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Teaching Experience:
Lecturer The University of Agriculture, Peshawar-Pakistan May 20, 1990 - January 01, 2001